Travel Franchise
vs Travel Host

The Difference Between a Franchise and a Host

As a travel advisor, aligning yourself with a larger entity is a way to set yourself up for success. By doing so, you can tap into an established vendor network and gain access to enhanced buying power. There are two traditional options: affiliate yourself with a “host” or own a travel franchise business. While there are benefits to both options, it's hard to beat everything that is provided with a travel franchise like Cruise Planners.

Take a look below to see why the benefits of owning a travel franchise, like Cruise Planners, outweigh those of joining a host.
More than Just a Member
With a host, you are simply part of a membership organization. With a Cruise Planners® franchise, you own and operate your own travel business. You are the boss.
Brand Recognition
As a member of a host, you are not able to use the host name to represent yourself or your services and do not have built in brand recognition. An established Cruise Planners® franchise gives you the power of brand recognition and the ability to advertise and represent yourself with the franchise brand name. This provides added value and instant credibility.
Support to Help You Grow
With a host, technology, marketing and support are very limited, if they are provided at all. A franchise like Cruise Planners provides robust technology tools, marketing support and ongoing training and business development coaching to help you grow your business.
Make More Money
Some host companies take as much as 70% of your commissions. With a Cruise Planners® franchise, you pay a royalty that is never more than 3%.
More Transparency

Host companies may not be subject to as many regulations as franchise companies, therefore they may not disclose important details and business information to you before you join. Franchise companies are regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Before purchasing a franchise, we are required to provide full disclosure on the company’s fee structure, financial information, litigation and more.

Proven Success

Established systems with host companies are limited, if available at all. A franchise like Cruise Planners has been developing successful processes and tools for over 25 years. When you join, you have use of proven systems to guide you and your business.

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